Monday, October 18, 2010

GOOG-411 is going away...On come BING-411

Google announced recently that it's free directory assistance service is going away but the good news is Bing-411 is here to stay. From reviews it looks like BING-411 has always been the better of the two and offer more contents with more features. So if you are ever find yourself in a situation where you need to look something up and don't have a Smartphone handy, hit up 1-800-246-4411 (1-800-BING-411) for assistance.


  1. The only problem is...I've tried using Bing411 in Canada and it won't work!

    Ahh, again, we Canadians are not worthy of even basic 411 free service. With over a billion dollars a day trade traffic with the US, ya think we'd be up in arms, or not...

  2. I hear you...It suck that google voice is not available in Canada either.