Monday, October 18, 2010

Should the same laws and rules be apply to social media?

The reason I ask this question is in recent days, I came across two stories, one south of the 49th and the other in my own backyard, where Google is the center of two lawsuits. The first is an ex-model with a degree from Duke and Columbia who is suing Google to reveal the true identities of those who made derogatory comments about her on YouTube ( The second is a police officer who was ridiculed through YouTube for doing this job during the G20 in Toronto ( 

I personally support these two individuals and believe the same law that governs our society should apply to the net especially with the recent popularity of social media. We should be responsible and held accountable for our actions, regardless of the delivery method. Making rude and derogatory in person is bullying and considered a form of assault and why should this be different when the same actions are conveyed behind a computer monitor? Many of these offensive remarks (if not all) are uneducated, a display of stupidity and serve one purpose, to hurts and attack the other person. 

My toddlers love to watch children nursery rhymes on YouTube, but I was very surprised by the comments made against these videos. I see comments that are racist and beyond rude. Go ahead and head over to YouTube and search for “Ba ba Black Sheep” and view the comments. If these types of comments are made against children contents, can you image what you will see for others?         

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