Friday, October 15, 2010

iPhone Jailbreaking

When people see that I have an iPhone they usually ask "is it jailbroken?” Let just say the first thing I did when I got my first iPhone (3Gs) was jailbroke it. Jailbreaking allow you to unlock the full potential of the idevice and there are tons and tons of things you can do once it’s jailbroken. The one thing I don't like Apple for is them limiting the potential of such a power device. In iOS3 and earlier, the only way to a clean and organize screen was jailbreaking your device and use a program called Categories. Apple did a bit better in iOS4 with the introduction of Folders, but they managed to screw that up. You can only add 12 icons to each folder and you guess it, the only way around is jailbreaking and install a tweak that will overcome the limitation that Apple imposes. 

If you have an idevice and wishes to jailbreak it, there are 2 options, limera1n and Greenpo1son. Below is a guide to jailbreak using limera1n for Windows.

How to Jailbreak with limera1n - Windows

1.     Download the limera1n Windows jailbreak from
2.     Connect your iPhone to your PC.
3.     Double click the limera1n icon.
4.     Click "make it ra1n".
5.     Your phone will be put into recovery mode.
6.     iTunes may pop up telling you that it detect your phone in recovery mode, click the X on the top right to close this message.
7.     limera1n will tell you to hold down your power and home button, do this.
8.     A few moment, it will tell you to let go of the power button, do it, but continue to hold down the home button.
9.     When limera1n tells you that you are in DFU recovery mode, you can let go of the home button.
10. Hang tight and in a moment you will be told that your phone is jailbroken. Next step is to install Cydia via the limera1n icon.

Now you are free from Apple...have FUN!! 

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