Friday, October 15, 2010

Mac Snow Leopard on Eee PC 1005-HAB

About a year ago when I traveled to Beaverton Oregon for work, I picked an Asus EeePC 1005-HAB netbook because I wanted something portable and light that I can travel with and allow me to watch movies and TV shows while trapped in seat 20A. My netbook came with Windows XP at the time of purchased and I upgraded to Windows 7 as soon as it became available. Well I kind of got bore with Windows (being my laptop and PC both ran Windows as well) and decided to check out Mac OS X. I didn't wanted to spend the price tag attached to a Mac so the economical route was to purchase the Mac OS and through the power of the net, got it installed and running on my Eee PC.

While searching Google to see how this can be done for my model, I came across this great blog with detailed instructions on how to accomplish this task ( There has been great development since these instructions were posted, so I will repost the instructions here with the updates incorporated, but ALL CREDITS GOES TO this blogger – JoQ and contributing reader Colin. Note that the instructions below are what got my Eee PC 1005-HAB running Mac OS x SL 10.6.4.  

What’s working?
* 100% working OS X retail/vanilla netbook
* CPU with Hyperthreading
* Sleep (closing lid, return with any key, sadly not by only opening lid)
* Power button
* Sound (internal speakers and output)
* Microphone (internal mic and input)
* Graphics with QE/CI and even VGA out
* Screen brightness (Fn+F5/F6)
* Volume (with the use of Spark)
* Camera (Photo Booth and Skype...)
* Battery indicator fully working (see Others section if your system have 1GB RAM)
* Automatic sleep
* SD Card Reader
* WiFi and Ethernet

What you need:
* The 1005HAB Snow Leopard Kit (
* Retail 10.6 Snow Leopard DVD 
* 10.6.4 combo update (google it...)
* 1005HA similar Eee PC 
* USB Drive, either harddrive or flash, min. 8gb
* Another computer running OS X 
* A USB-mouse and keyboard

Create the USB Installer:
* Mount your retail Snow Leopard DVD
* Launch Disk Utility and select your USB drive (USB memory or USB harddrive)
* Select the Parition tab and choose GPT (Guid Partition Table) under Options.
* Use Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as format.
* When finished, go to Restore tab and select your Snow Leopard DVD as Source and your USB drive as Destination.
* Launch myHack installer and select your USB drive as destination
* Under customize, check the following (uncheck the ones that aren’t listed)

Press Install
* Browse the USB Install Drive and you should see a folder called Extra, and inside this folder there should be a sub-folder called Extensions. Copy all the kexts in the "System/Library/Extensions from my kit to /Extra/Extensions on your USB Install Drive. 
* Now copy and replace dst.aml and from the /Extra folder in my kit to the /Extra folder on your USB Install Drive.

* Plug in your USB mouse and keyboard.
* Plug in your USB drive to the your Eee PC and turn on the computer.
* When the computer post, press Esc and select the USB drive.
* Chameleon will now show up, just choose your USB drive and press enter (if encountering problems, boot with ”-v” without the quotation marks and write in comments where you get stuck)
* If all goes well you will be greeted with the language selection.
* Open Utilities/Disk Utility and select you internal drive, partition it (1 partition, Mac OS Extended (Journaled), GPT, GUID Partition Table)
* Close Disk Utility and select the internal drive
* Click on Customize, select if you want printer support or not, additional languages and check Rosetta.
* Press Ok, and Install

First boot:
* Press Esc and select the USB drive to boot.
* Press any button when you see Chameleon to abort the autoboot.
* Now select your internal drive and press enter and let it boot.
* If all is well the “Before you begin...” should show up. Follow the guide!
* When it’s completed, you should see your desktop. 
* There are only a few steps left. DON’T reboot until I say so!
* Open myHack installer from the kit. Do exactly as you did before, except select the internal drive as destination.
* Now transfer all the files to Extra located in the Extra-folder in the kit.
* Transfer the kexts from the kit “/System/Library/Extensions” to the same folder on the internal drive.
* Double-click the VoodooHDA.prefPane inside the kit (/Sound). And install for all users.
* Run pfix, select you internal drive.
* Now shut down your computer, and unplug the USB drive.

Second boot:
* Power on the computer and let it boot.
* Everything should now be working!

Upgrading to 10.6.5
* Download the 10.6.5 combo update from Apple.
* Download the the patched mach kernel here (
* Backup "AppleIntelGMA950" and AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer" kexts from /System/Library/Extensions (just drag and drop to your desktop).
* Mount the SL 10.6.5 combo update and then run the update. 
When the update complete, DO NOT RESTART, you need to replace the mach_kernel before doing do.
* To replace the mach_kernel, follow the steps below.

1. Copy the mach_kernel you downloaded to your desktop.
2. Open
3. sudo -s
4. Enter your root password
5. cd /
6. mv mach_kernel mach_kernel_1062
7. cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel_atom /
8. mv /mach_kernel_atom mach_kernel
9. chown 0:0 mach_kernel

* When done, click restart from the combo installer window.

Installing Wifi:
* Install the IO80211Family.kext from the Wifi folder in my kit using Kext Helper (also available from my kit).
* Also install the two graphic kexts that you backed up before you ran the combo update using Kext helper (AppleIntelGMA950 and AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer).
* Run pfix and when done restart.
* When you boot into SL, you should see the airport icon on your status bar indicating that wifi is available.

Installing Ehternet:
* Download the ethernet kext here:
* Installing using Kexthelper
* Run pfix and then reboot when done.

* Battery meter will show an X on systems with 1GB RAM, to fix this, you need to edit your DSDT file and change the following...

OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory, 0x7F7AE064, 0xFF)
(it's for 2Gb systems)


OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory, 0x3F7AE064, 0xFF)
(for 1Gb systems) 

Thanks to reader "Salo-man" for digging this up.

* To get the FN volume key working, download the AsusHotKey kext from here ( and install with KextHelper. 

Credits and Thanks goes to Blogger JoQ (check out JoQ's blog) and contributing reader Colin 

Have fun!!


  1. First of all, thanx for the most explicit guide i've found so far!
    I hope it'll work!!

    Just one question:

    * Press Install
    * Navigate to the USB drive and go to Extra/Extensions.
    * Copy all the kext’s I provided to this folder, located inside the folder Kexts in the kit.
    * Copy dst.aml to /Extra folder, replace the with the one I provided.

    Is it me or there isn't any Kexts folder in the kit?
    What kexts exactly should i copy? Could u list them?


  2. P.S.


    Installing Wifi:
    * Install the IO80211Family.kext from the Wifi folder in my kit using Kext Helper (also available from my kit).
    * Also install the two graphic kexts (
    AppleIntelGMA950 and AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer)
    backup before you ran the combo update using Kext helper.

    2nd line says "before you ran the combo" - u mean i should install them, before I RUN the combo (i believe u mean the 10.6.4 upgrade) or do u mean the kexts BACKED up before i RAN the combo??

    Thx again!!!

  3. @Salo-Man

    Question 1: I re-worded that step in my instructions, hopefully it will be less confusing.

    Question 2: Correct, reinstall the 2 kexts you backed up before you ran the combo updater.

  4. I made my usb flash drive ready as in your description.

    But I got the following problem:
    I didn't come through the language selection.

    When I start my netbook it boots from USB, that works fine, the "myHack OSX Screen was shown, then I see a grey background with the apple logo and there I get a little window which ask "restart your netbook by holding the power button for a few seconds, then press restart" .
    So I shut it off by holding the power button and restart it by pressing the power button once again. But it only happens the same as before restarting.
    Any idea?

    Here's the info when I type -v

    When I type -f, same as when I type nothing.

  5. @bb

    Did you get any error when creating your your USB Installer? I would perform those steps again. Also what is your eee PC model?

  6. I didn't get any error while creating. And I already did this step again and again. Eee PC 1005HA.

    Any other idea?

  7. @bb

    Prepare the USB installer again, by this I mean delete the partition on your USB and put the DVD image back on again. When you do the MyHack Install, install using the default options, so don't select or de-select anything. See if this helps.

  8. dude, thank you so much!!!
    i was so tired of trial and error... i had about 10 re-format, 10 re-install with other guides, and best i got was 10.6.0 without wifi...

    Now, all went smooooooth!!!

    Just a tiny thing...... battery / AC adaptor is not detected........
    (mine is a 1005HA, not a 1005HAB and i believe the difference is in the battery maybe...) SInce all of this KEXTS things is like chinese to me, can you give me a hand with this? If it matters, it never worked from the start of the installation, i was just hoping it had to do with the combo update or something, but in the end, still wasn't working...
    I remember it did work, with the Netbookinstaller thing i tried before.

    Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope...

    PS: Can i use the Software Update without restrictions?

  9. A Regular Guy in CanadaOctober 25, 2010 at 9:58 PM


    Try reinstalling the AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext, AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext and SMBIOSResolver.kext. Copy the three files from my kit to your desktop and then install with Kext Helper. After the install, run terminal and then run pfix ...also how much RAM is in your eee PC? Some have reported that once they popped in 2Gig, the batter meter started working. I have 2gig in mine all along so I didn't run into this.

  10. didn't work... mine is 1gb RAM... i read about it too but it seems odd that it is related. Anyway, my battery is 4400mA. Is there a way to fetch the kexts in the Netbookinstaller app, the ones related with the battery? since that with the NBI, though most things didnt work, the battery meter in fact did.

    what about the software update tool?


  11. @Salo-Man

    I was able to extract the AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext from NetbookInstaller. Give this a go...

    1. Download the NBI Battery manager here ( and unzip the kext to your desktop.

    2. On your hard drive go to System/Library/Extensions and delete the existing AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext.

    3. Use Kexts Helper and install AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext downloaded in step 1.

    4. Run pfix and then reboot when done.

  12. ...and Yes you can use the software update tool, you can update everything except "Snow Leopard Graphics Update". Doing so will override the AppleIntelGMA950 kext and in turn will affect your display. If you accidentally update the graphic just reinstall the AppleIntelGMA950 kext from my kit and run pfix to correct.

  13. sorry mate... link to megaupload isn't working.. is there any other way to get the file? did you noticed if it was in fact patched? thx!!!

  14. Lik is good..I just tried it...try again.

  15. not working here... anyway i dowloaded the nbi file and explored it a bit inside and ended up finding the file. Tried it and didn't work. Gonna try now the Voodoobattery and voodoopowermini kexts.

  16. Hi,
    I think I fixed my problem. I don't want to tell what I did ... I used 10.5 for the image ...

    With 10.6 it all works fine till now. The installation starts, I did the partition and customizing and click install. But after the half nothing happens any more. Time remaining: 15 minutes ... nothing happens for the last half an hour.

  17. ... sorry for double post ... I move the mouse and then I got the information "installation failed" ... "Mac OS X couldn't installed on your computer".

    So I did all again ... same problem.

  18. ok
    solved the battery problem!
    gone back to your original appleACPIBatteryManager.kext and found this on the insanelymac forum:

    "...for all the people having the "X" battery meter problem, I found a way to make the battery work (without upgrading the RAM to 2Gb) :

    You have to change a value in your DSDT file in the
    OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory, 0x7F7AE064, 0xFF)
    (it's for 2Gb systems)
    OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory, 0x3F7AE064, 0xFF)
    (for 1Gb systems)

    Had a 5minute instant course on how to edit dsdt's (still don't have a clue what a dsdt is), downloaded the most searched app for that effect in google and went for it!

    I MADE IT!!!

    thanks mr canadian regular guy! couldn't have done it without your precious help and quick answers!!! Really really helpful!!!!

  19. Good stuff, glad to assist and enjoy your Hackintos!! If you don't mind, I will add the battery fix for 1GB RAM system to the main instruction.

  20. hey cool to add the 1gb thing to the guide (was me - Salo not BB but that's not important!!! ;) ).

    may i suggest u add a line underlining the risk of messing with dsdt, and that it is better to backup the original, before doing it, because kernel panics may happen. - at least it's what they said at the insanelymac forum.
    Also the app i used is called "dsdtse" and worked fine.


  21. Thanks for this awesome guide!! Now my Asus EEE 1005HA-P is a Macbook Mini :)

    But there are some minor things that arent right:
    *I cant turn the bluetooth off
    *I cant set the volume shortcuts in spark (brightness work used windows + volume buttons instead)
    *Multi touch scrolling works but one finger scrolling is also activated

    Besides that everythings perfect

  22. @Breno

    There was a fix to enable turning BT on/off but that by modifying the Info.plist in the IOBluetoothFamily.kext but it no longer work with SL 10.6.3 and later. So your stuck with it on if you want BT, else you can turn if off in the BIOS to disable.

    When setting up shortcuts in Spark, I notice that it does recognize the "FN" key, so I used "ALT" instead. For mine, I set ALT+F10 = Mute, ALT+F11 = Vol. Down and ALT+F12 = Vol. Up.

    As for scrolling, I have the same thing. I think it's because of the Asus Touchpad where the right side is designed to recognize vertical scroll and the bottom portion for horizontal.

  23. @bb

    I can't figure out what is causing your problem. My last suggestion is to use Netbookinstaller (can be downloaded here: Basically substitue Netbookinstaller wherever you see Myhackinstall in my instructions.

  24. I figured it out. When the Screen "Installation faild" screen came, just click reboot and begin at the point "first reboot".

    All works.
    Now I did the update to 10.6.4, the only thing it doesn't work is the camera. When IPhoto Booth tells me "no camera".

    Thanks for your guide.

  25. i got the volume hotkeys working properly!
    just install this kext:

    Now it should work with the fn + volume buttons without the need of spark.

  26. also got the blutooth on/off toggle working
    just install this kext:

    i changed the product id in the plist file to match the 1005ha bluetooth.

    one thing its strange right now is that when i go to university the wifi is unstable (sometimes take long time to find network and connect). I dont really know why. It works fine with other computers or in my phone.

  27. I am looking for a retail DVD and keep finding 10.6.3 will that still work?

  28. @Adam

    I see no reason why it shouldn't...give it a shot.

  29. @Adam

    You'll have to replace the mach_kernel file when you create your bootable usb.

  30. @Breno

    Complete noob question since this will be my first hackintosh, but is there any other website with the info on replacing the files, etc.

  31. Hi, how do I do this without a macintosh? Do you think the guys at the Apple Store would mind if I created a bootable USB using their laptops?

  32. @Breno

    Try this, not sure if it will work but give it a the install and before you reboot after the install finish, replace the kernel by copying the mach_kernel from my kit to the root of the system volume.

  33. @Anonymous

    unfortunately you will need access to a mac to create your for the Apple Store...give it a shot :)

  34. hey, anyone tested the 10.6.5 update?

  35. @Salo-Man

    Just do the same steps of the Upgrading to 10.6.4 and Installing Wifi sections of this guide but use this 10.6.5 mach_kernel instead:

    I tought 10.6.5 was supposed to have native support for the 1005ha atheros wifi card, so why did it work only after installing the wifi kext again?

    @A Regular Guy in Canada

    Where did you get the AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer kext from? I got a patched version of the one from the Graphics Update 1.0 but the backlight doesnt work after the lid is open but in yours its fine.

  36. @Salo-Man

    I upgraded to 10.6.5 last night and it looks like the update automatically reboot and didn't give me a chance to replace the mach_kernel. Low and behold, I got a kernel panic. The way around that is to use the USB installer and boot off of that. Once you're in, run Terminal and then copy the 10.6.5 mach_kernel (posted by Breno) to your system volume and then run "chown 0:0 mach_kernel" to set the proper permission and then reboot. Your system should bootup normally, you will then need to install the following kexts from my kit again using kext helper...


    Once installed run pfix and then reboot. Everything should be back to normal after this with 10.6.5 applied.


    Thanks for posting the mach_kernel.
    I can't remember where I got that AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer but glad it worked.

  37. Hi) I did everything you said, everything was fine. Then I updated the system to .4 , now displays resolution is only 800x600. What should i have done?

  38. or .6 i dont remember. Should i do the following? install the following kexts from my kit again using kext helper...


    Once installed run pfix and then reboot.

  39. Yes...install AppleIntelGMA950, AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer and IO80211Family again using kexthelper. Once installed run pfix and then reboot. That should take care of the graphic and wifi.

  40. Hey I followed the guide to a T and got 10.6.4. From here I tried upgrading to 10.6.5 and got it to work except for a Kernel Panic dealing with the sleep enabler. How did you guys update without any problems? Would you mind updating the guide at the top with 10.6.5 updated?

  41. I was wondering how long does it take to get to the language selection? I have let this thing set for 45 mins. I tryed booting with -v and NOTHING. Can you please help?

  42. Hi great guide and thanks for doing an update from the maceee guide!! I have tried several reinstalls and I still end at the same situation,,, second boot and my mouse and keypad don't work at all.. I can use the keyboard but that is it.

    any ideas?>

  43. @Sam

    If you can use the keyboard, reinstall VoodooPS2Controller.kext using kexthelper and then run pfix.

  44. @Jerome

    It should take about 30 seconds for the language selection screen. Can you verify if you created the USB installer as per the instruction...

  45. @Anonymous

    I did not do anything different from what I posted...

    I upgraded to 10.6.5 using "software update" from the Apple menu. When the update finished, it automatically reboot and didn't give me a chance to replace the mach_kernel. Low and behold, I got a kernel panic. The way around that is to use the USB installer and boot off of that. Once you're in, run Terminal and then copy the 10.6.5 mach_kernel (posted by Breno) to your system volume and then run "chown 0:0 mach_kernel" to set the proper permission and then reboot. Your system should boot up normally, you will then need to install the following kexts from my kit again using kexthelper...


    I am able to put my system to sleep and wake without issues. I am also able to put it into deep sleep state and wake from it without issues.

  46. @Canada Guy

    I am pretty sure I did it right. I am about to try again. Should I leave everything checked and not customize the boot loader installer?

  47. Ok... I remade my usb stick. Got it to install.

    Had a few problems. I didnt see pfix or the PACK that you had given out on the usb flash stick that I used to install with. So I had to go on my pc and download pfix and put it on another usb stick. And I had to copy your pack on to it also to get the kext files. Then I took out the installer usb stick and copyed the pfix installer and the pack to the desktop on my netbook. added the pfix and kext file then on 2nd boot my USB mouse didnt work nor did the trackpad.

    Is it ok to take out the installer usb stick and why wouldnt the usb mouse work?

    I am re-installing osx now and I am going to try again. Hopefully the mouse will work this time.

  48. I just saw that you have already said how to use the kexthelper. I will try that. I will let you know if that works. Thanks for the PACK AND THE GREAT GUIDE.

  49. Is your wifi working with a router in N mode but is b/g compatible? I am currently running 10.6.3 and though I can connect to the router it does not receive an IP address, so it doesn't actually hit the internet.

    I can tether to my iphone using MyWi with no issues. I upgraded to 10.6.5 hopeful that the wifi would work completely but it didn't.

    I restore to 10.6.3 because up until today (when I found your site) I could not get my resolution out of 800x600.

    Any suggestions on the wifi would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  50. I am not understanding apart of this guide. If someone could explain it that would be great.

    IN FIRST BOOT the guide says
    " Now transfer all the files to EXTRA located in the EXTRA-FOLDER IN THE KIT "

    Do I take the kit extra folder and paste them in the HDD ON MY NETBOOK or from the HDD ON MY NETBOOK into the KIT EXTRA FOLDER?

    I have messed up and I am on my 3rd install.

    And how do you run PFIX?

  51. When I install VooDooHDA.prefPane I get a ERROR " Cant get registry-entry path " What do I do.

  52. Thanks for the reply.

    I ended up reinstalling everything with success. I had the same "install failed" initially. The mouse didn't work on boot two so I used the keyboard to run pfix. this fixed the mouse issue.

    everything else ran smooth.. I'm not running 10.6.4..

    1 Problem remaining --> My wifi works but the ethernet doesn't.. Any ideas?

    Any chance you could create a guide on how to proceed from the above installer to 10.6.5 or is there no point?


  53. How did you get your wifi to work? I installed using the KEXT HELPER and it installed and then I ran PFIX then rebooted. I see the WIFI on my bar but I cant connect to any router. I took my password off of mine and still cant connect. I am running 10.6.0

    Can someone help PLEASE?

  54. the only way I can connect to the internet is by using WiMy through my iPhone. I can either connect the phone through USB or connect to the phone like a hotspot.

    I would like to get some help with my atheros wifi card in 10.6.5 when connecting a my time capsule running in n mode (b/g compatible)


  55. I have the wifi installed ran PFIX rebooted great. I cant see any routers on my hackintosh but I see all the routers on my windows xp laptop.

    Is there a fix. Please let me know I really need this running due to sending my laptop in for warranty work.


  56. So for so many posts. I had my wifi off ( FN+F2 ) I got it on now and I see the routers. I connect to my router but get the alert NO INTERNET CONNECTION. My router is a wireless N and my wifi card is a wireless N also.

  57. Ok. I got the wireless to work now. Thanks for this guide!

  58. While I can change resolution, 1024x600 is not an option. Only 800x600 or 1024x768. Is this normal?

  59. I'm not sure if anyone is actually responding to help me on any of my issues.. but since I need help I'll post again!

    I updated to 10.6.5 and everything work, EXCEPT USB :(

    I installed some old kext I got from:

    and it recognized my mouse. But now when I put my USB Flash drive in I get a KP?

    Any ideas?


  60. UPDATE: USB seems to be working right now. I ran permission via kext utility to know avail. Still got a KP. On my next boot, I put my USB Flash drive into a port, then entered the bios. DIdn't change anything, saved and rebooted. Let it start all the way into OS X to see if I would get another KP. but this time it mounted it and worked. I even ejected it and plugged it back in. no KP! I am running an asus 1005hab. now... to get my wifi working on a N router b/g compatible!

  61. Hey has anyone gotten their mic to work in iChat? If so, how? I tried with Voodoohda, but no luck. Mic shows up in Sys preferences, but doesnt work in ichat. I have everything working right now in 10.6.4 but the only thing I need is that mic and the trackpad disable button to work and I'll be happy. Haha

  62. Coop Da Ville

    Please share what did you did to get WIFI working with "router is a wireless N and my wifi card is a wireless N also."

    I have the same problem.


  63. @Anonymous

    For the mic issue, try installing this version of voodooHDA ( Remember once installed, run pfix and then reboot.

    As for the Wifi issue, i didn't do anything different outside of my guide, I am able to connect to my N router without issues. Wifi only worked for me once i upgraded to 10.6.4 or 10.6.5. Try changing your wifi channel...

  64. @A Regular Guy in Canada
    Hey I tried the kext that you advised and i got it to show up in ichat but for some reason no one can hear me on the other side. So i think that its being recognized, but not working fully in ichat. Did you happen to get it to work with ichat?

  65. @Canada Guy

    Can you explain how to update step by step like you did for 10.6.4? Thanks

  66. @Coop Da Ville

    I added the steps to the bottom of the instructions.

  67. @ Canada Guy

    I downloaded the 10.6.5 from Apple website. It does not restart by itself. So its the same way as the 10.6.4 Update. Just use the 10.6.5 mach_kernel_atom file! Thanks for the help.

  68. @Anonymous

    I don't use iChat so I cannot do a live test. But I did test with MSN Messenger, Skype...etc and mic does work with that. Anyone else here can test ichat to see if the mic work with it.

  69. can anyone confirm if speedstep is working in 10.6.5?

  70. I followed your guide to the letter and it mostly works pretty good so far. Thanks so much for that.

    I have, however, one problem: Ethernet doesn't seem to work. The card is detected by the system just fine, but I can't get a working IP to do its thing either by DHCP or manually.

    On the subject of DHCP, after boot or even after renewing the lease, the computer is assigned a 169.x.x.x IP, which basically means that it couldn't reach the server.

    A few searches on Google end with claims that the problem is a lost cause, but that's what people said a while ago about wifi not working on the 1005HA without switching the chip or using a dongle, so I'm holding a glimmer of hope.

    Any insights?

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. @ Josh

    I am using the stock wifi card that came in the netbook. It does work.

  73. Managed to solve the issue by myself.
    Found an alternative kext for ethernet at the InsanelyMac forums. As such, I replaced AttasicL1eEthernet.kext with AtherosL1cEthernet.kext and everything is working absolutely fine now.

    The kext can be found here:

    @Coop Da Ville

    Thanks for the feedback.

  74. Hey Guys,
    First of all, thank you for the guide, I had followed the other guide that you used to get Snow Leopard installed on my 1005HAB-BLU001X. I then followed your guide to update to 10.6.4. Now, I downloaded the 10.6.5 Combo Update on my macbook pro and transferred it to my netbook because my wifi was acting up for some reason (I have a handy dell 1510 wifi card so I'll replace it at some point). If you backup the kexts ("AppleIntelGMA950", "AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer", and "IO80211Family.kext"), then run the 10.6.5 combo update, DO NOT CLICK THE RESTART BUTTON! Then, follow the steps for the terminal code for the 10.6.4 update. Restart, copy the backed up kexts to the /s/l/e folder, run pfix, and restart, you will be completely updated. Please add this to your guide, and email me with any questions @

  75. Where is pfix. I feel like a nub.

  76. Hi,

    So, I followed all the steps up to selecting the USB install drive in myHack. I hit enter and a few seconds later I get the Grey Apple screen with no cycling rays—just the field of grey with the Apple logo in the center. It just hangs there indefinitely.

    I searched around but I couldn't find anyone who has had this problem, much less solved it.

    Any ideas?

  77. So got everything working...please disregard the post above about pfix. So i'm typing this asus 1005hab on 10.6.5 and i can see my network both on ethernet and wifi (with the kext from above) but i get the self assigned ip address.

    if anyone has any idea how to fix this that would be amazing i just need wifi internet and i'm complete

    i'm currently tethering mywi from an iphone4

  78. I am definitely missing something.

    I've tried installing OS X (10.6.3 incidentally) multiple times. I've recreated the install drive dozens of times. Still, I can never get beyond the gray logo screen to see the language options.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've hit a real wall here.

  79. I installed 10.6 on this 1005HAB last night, applied the 10.6.4 combo update and the wifi kext, and ended up with the same wifi snarl others have reported. Airport claimed it was connected to my network, but it was self-assigning an IP that was invalid.

    I went into the Network control panel, clicked on the "Advanced" button and switched over to the TCP/IP tab. First I tried to manually configure an IP that would work with my Time Capsule. By putting in a valid IP, and using the TC's IP in the "router" field, I could connect to the Air Disks, but still no internet.

    I switched to "Using DHCP," which is what works with any other mac on the network. It wouldn't change the IP from the one I manually entered. I opened up the AirPort utility on another computer and changed the TC's wireless setting from "Automatic" to "Wireless 802.11 a/n". The TC restarted and the eee automatically re-negotiated the DHCP lease with a valid IP. And the internet works on the eee.

    I don't really know what I'm doing, but it seems to me that the internet connection problem was not on the hackintosh side, but the router side.

    Thanks for the excellent hackintosh guide. I got hung up on the first pass through because I didn't realize pfix was a terminal application. Eventually I figured it out and everything else went smooth, with the exception of the minor wifi hiccup.

  80. I applied the 10.6.5 combo update this evening, swapping out the mach_kernel with the same process as the 10.6.4 update. I re-installed the designated kexts, as well as adding the asus keyboard kext and the bluetooth kext. Everything seems to be working pretty sweet.

  81. Hey, I'm about to install osx into my 1005ha, and I was wondering how fast it runs compared to Windows XP or Windows 7?

  82. Maybe I'm just a fucking retard but I can't follow these instructions.

    * Open myHack installer from the kit. Do exactly as you did before, except select the internal drive as destination.
    * Now transfer all the files to Extra located in the Extra-folder in the kit.
    * Transfer the kexts from the kit “/System/Library/Extensions” to the same folder on the internal drive.
    * Double-click the VoodooHDA.prefPane inside the kit (/Sound). And install for all users.
    * Run pfix, select you internal drive.
    * Now shut down your computer, and unplug the USB drive.

    I ran pfix and it froze on me, I couldn't find a solution online.

  83. Nevermind, I got pfix to run despite restarting without doing it. Just had to google how to open files using mac using a keyboard as my mouse wasn't working. All good :)

    Does anyone know if I have to install 10.6.4 to get internet working or can I just install the kext?

  84. I followed the guide on installing 10.6.4 but I got a kernel panic, is it because my OSX was 10.6.0 and the mach kernel example in this is mach_kernel_1062?

    Please help.

    1. Copy the mach_kernel from my kit to your desktop.
    2. Open
    3. sudo -s
    4. Enter your root password
    5. cd /
    6. mv mach_kernel mach_kernel_1062
    7. cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel_atom /
    8. mv /mach_kernel_atom mach_kernel
    9. chown 0:0 mach_kernel

  85. I'm pretty sure you have to use the newer version of mach_kernel_atom that is linked in the 10.6.4 section.

    I think it would be more worthwhile to go straight to 10.6.5 with the combo installer from Apple, using that kernel posted in the 10.6.4 section.

    Also, I noticed that with my 1005HAB that the SD card reader disconnects when the computer is put to sleep (but remounts after the system warning when waking up). The bluetooth kext doesn't seem to have worked, either. I still haven't tested external displays.

  86. haha. Of course the bluetooth kext didn't work. This computer doesn't have a bluetooth card.

  87. @WastedP

    lol....HAB model don't come with BT.

  88. @nilblank

    If you are stuck at the gray apple logo upon boot, then it's a kernel panic. I'm pretty sure it's because you are using 10.6.3, Apple patched this version to remove support for Atom processor. I would recommend that you boot off the USB installer and once your are in, go to terminal and replace the mach kernel with the one in my kit. You should be able to boot after that.

  89. @kedelic

    The performance is about the same as XP or WIn7 if not slightly better, but all would concur that we are doing this not because of performance but for the operating environment.

  90. How do you get brightness keys to work? After installing myhack 1.1, my brightness keys still don't work. I have everything working at 10.6.4, wireless, keyboard, volume keys etc. except brightness.

    I have 1005ha, no letters after it. Comes with 250gb hdd, 1gb 667, n270.

  91. @YauJaGwai

    Try this Asus Hotkey Kext

  92. Just before I install this kext, I just want to know what are the chances of getting a kernel panic because it took me agesss to get my netbook up and running with 10.6.4 + iwork etc.

  93. @YauJaGwai

    There is always a chance but for this i think it is very low.
    Install using KextHelper and then run pfix.

  94. I installed the kext, nothing happened. No change.

  95. Created the USB installer following the steps provided. At the windows boot manager screen only windows 7 is listed. I've rebuilt the USB twice now making sure that I've followed all the steps. This is on a 1005HA.

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated

  96. @RichPDX

    When you power on your netbook, at post, press ESC, it will give you a list of boot device, select your USB.

  97. I did that. The only thing in the list is "windows 7" the USB doesn't appear. I tried it in a different port with the same results.

    Another note: I'm building the USB installer on OSX 10.5.8 I assume that's OK.

    Thanks -- Rich

  98. Just to be clear I'm copying OS X 10.6 on to the USB

  99. Got past not seeing the USB listed in the boot screen by disabling the "boot booster": To disable boot booster in the BIOS (on the 1005HA) Reboot system, press F2 to show POST and press F2 again to enter BIOS setup. Arrow to the BOOT tab displayed on screen set Boot booster to disabled. F10 to exit and save.

    From there I got to Chameleon but the language selection wouldn't come up. I rebuilt the USB stick as MBR instead of GUID. The language selection screen is now displayed . . . wish me luck.

  100. @A Regular Guy,

    Thanks for putting this guide together.
    I now have OS X 10.6.5 running on the 1005HA

  101. Hello, Alright, I followed your guide perfectly. Got it installed, updated to 10.6.5 WiFi works ONLY ON WEP,WPA. NOT WPA-2. I just hopped into my router and changed the encryption. As of right now, everything works expect battery meter. I'll just mess around with it later. Sometimes I get a unresponsive trackpad and keyboard but after I SHUTDOWN (not restart) It works. Just want to get the ASUS hotkeys working, installed that kext you put up but seem to no go.

    I'm very pleased everything works! Even the scrolling on the trackpad, left/right, and up/down. Everything I did, is in that kit.

    One thing though, How to edit the dsdt file? That should fix the battery.

  102. Okay, I've read this guide with the comments, It seems one or two of you have had the no keyboard and trackpad error. I've reinstalled the kext many times. Seems like when the battery works, the mouse and keyboard don't want to work. I use KextHelper b7 and pfix. I've tried dsdtpatcher to fix the battery but seems to be "tempermental" works when it wants to. I have two gigs of RAM, 10.6.5. Everything else is stock. Any ideas?

    I usually post comments when I absolutely can't figure it out. Visited a few sites and no cigar.

  103. Is there anyway That I can get the hotkeys to still work after I wake from sleep?

    Also how is everyones battery life? I get about 4.5hrs from a full charge. Mine is less than a week old, and when it was running windows 7 I got about 8hrs of life.

    Please Share your input

  104. 13mx!!! Sup dude! :)

    I'm actually having that issue too. Seemed to me, it doesn't like reboot. I LOVE the fact it sleeps.. But I'm also having the hotkey issue too. I just shut down and DON'T press anything just let it go. Log in and should be good to go.

    I created an how-too on Dual Booting with Windows, Gunna try triple booting with Ubuntu or Linux Mint when I get a bigger hard drive.

  105. Whats up eightydee. Small

    I still havent done the dual boot yet but I am going to soon. I want to dual boot with Windows 7, but when I first got the netbook I used Windows 7 Starter that it came with and it was pretty slow.

  106. hi i have a issue when i try to install update 10.6.4 (downloaded from apple) i get a java script error please let me know if you can help me out with this thanks!

  107. Big question. I have deleted the recovery partition in the process of installing MAC OSX how can I now revert back to Windows XP or Windows 7.. I can't find any installers anywhere. The truth is that I love the MAC OSX so much that i now want to purchase a Mac since a 10" screen has it's limitations. Please provide support on how I can reinstall XP so that I may sell the EEEPC... Kind regards.

  108. If you didn't back up the recovery partition, you don't have a Windows install to re-install.

    Advertise it as a turn-key hackintosh netbook on craigslist, as-is.

  109. Thanks for the quick reply WastedP...
    It would be great to reinstall the system as per original.. This being XP. Any help towards this would be appreciated. Alternatively, how can I reformat the OSX to original status (removing all my data),

  110. I followed every steps in the tutorial.
    By the way, great job with the tutorial!
    Everything works, except two things.
    My ethernet and my WiFi are working but it does not let me connect to the internet.
    The router keeps giving me self-assigned IP Address. I tried manually setting up the address but no luck.
    I also connected the computer to the modem, but still self assigned address.
    If you can help, it will be helpful!

  111. I had the same problem with the self assigned IP. I tried about a half dozen kexts, nothing worked. The weird thing is I could connect to the WiFi hotspot from my Android cell (Wifi-G), but not to my Airport Extreme (WiFi-N). I finally got it fully working by setting up a subnet off my Airport Extreme (an old Linksys WiFi router I had) by making it a G only network.

  112. For people who are having problems connecting to N routers, you have to go in and reconfigure your router. I learned that if you configure the router to do A/B/G only (no N) it works fine.


  113. I have a problem with not being able to get past the first boot screen... It gets through the myHack screen just fine but then goes to the next white screen with the apple logo on it and stops there. Even the light on my USB drive stops blinking. I re-did creation of the USB drive twice with the exact same results. Any ideas?

  114. I have a 1005HA-P and I have gone through all of these steps several times and have successfully updated to 10.6.5 without any issues. Except that I cannot get my wifi to work at all. I do not have all of the function-key paired functions to work including screen brightness and the ability to turn on/off the wifi antenna. I can see a wifi icon in the taskbar, but I cannot see any networks. Does anyone have any advice? I have looked through the boards at InsanelyMac and other than buying a Dell wifi card, I cannot find anything at all about this.

  115. Did you save and re-install the IO80211Family.kext after updating to 10.6.5? I'm running 10.6.5 on a 1005HAB, and the wi-fi works, but I can't find a spec comparison with the P, so based on my limited knowledge, I don't see what the difference would be.

  116. People who have Apple routers:
    This is a temporary fix to make your hackintosh wifi to work.
    First go to "Airport Utility", select your device and select the "Wireless" tab.
    Hold "alt (option)" from your keyboard and click the selection from the "Radio Mode". Choose "802.11 b/g compatible" *NOT "802.11n (802.11 b/g compatible". Hit update.

  117. @WastedP

    I did try backing up the IO80121Family.kext prior to updating to 10.6.5. In order to get ethernet working with 10.6.0 I had to install a different kext file from what is in the pack linked above and I have tried two other iterations in installing SL where I used the kext in the pack and one with both installed. Right now I am not sure if the hardware switch has the wifi antenna in the off position so i am going to try reinstalling windows and ensuring that the wifi is on and then install SL to see if that clears this up. If that works great and if not I don't know what the next step will be. I was hoping this was a software issue someone had seen before as that would be simpler but I will keep trying.

  118. Guys - I been pretty busy so didn't have time to visit my blog until today. Anyways, for those of your have have issue with Ethernet, download and install this kext ( Install with Kexthelper and then run pfix then reboot. I confirm this work.

    Those that have wifi working but it's not connecting, change your wifi radio channel on your router.

    Merry XMAS

  119. So, what the actual recommended Snow Leopard that goes with the pack? 10.6.2? 10.6.0? 10.6.1?

    Thanks. I tried installing the 10.6.3 but it wouldn't work since I couldn't replace the kernel at all since it only gave me a gray screen.


  120. @Ben

    After you install 10.6.3, boot from the USB again. Once you are in, go to terminal and then replace the kernel. Once done, you should be able to boot off the HDD.

  121. Thanks Regular Guy! :) I got everything to work smoothy. Except the microphone.

    I found out how to fix it though since I got an error while installing VooDoo

    - go to the VoodooHDA pref panel, select "2.Microphone" and slide the cursor to middle for 'Recording level'
    - go to the Sound pref panel, under input, check to see that you mic is working.

    i got it from:

    Big thank you!!! It feels like I got a brand new netbook for christmas! :)

  122. Hi, Thanks for the tutorial

    I have a install dvd for 10.6.3, which means I will have to replace the mach_kernel. I am trying to replace it but most commands I enter in Terminal fail because "the file system is read only"

  123. Sorry for the double post. I am trying to help my son get this to work. I am so greatful for this guide, it is the best that I have seen. But,I am terribly frustrated right now.

    We have tried this several times, with a couple different guides. Our problem keeps coming down to being unable to change the mach_kernel on the USB drive. The system files on the USB are read only and we cannot change/delete them, no matter how we try. Is it a setting on the Mac that won't let us do this? Or is the USB stick the problem? Any help from anyone to solve this problem would be appreciated.

  124. Ben, any help you could provide? We had the exact same problem, and you apparently solved it.

    We are wondering if we are typing the right thing in the terminal program or not.

    Sorry to be such a newbie on this.

  125. RGC, This Guide is AWESOME...Thanks!
    I'm up and running 10.6.4 and will stay there for now. My brain hurts! lol. Everything but the battery indicator and brightness keys work but I am temporarily running 1GB of RAM until I get the upgrade stick.

    FWIW, The one thing that I found with my 1005HAB is that the WIFI will not connect when my router is set to "N" or Mixed "B,G,N" regardless of the channel and security settings.
    As soon as I set it to "G" or Mixed "B&G" it connects fine even using WPA2 encryption.
    I spent too much time trying to figure that out :-(....hopefully that info saves someone some troubleshooting time.
    Thanks again!

  126. @Chili

    Did you following this in the guide above?

    1. Copy the mach_kernel you downloaded to your desktop.
    2. Open
    3. sudo -s
    4. Enter your root password
    5. cd /
    6. mv mach_kernel mach_kernel_1062
    7. cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel_atom /
    8. mv /mach_kernel_atom mach_kernel
    9. chown 0:0 mach_kernel

  127. @Michael

    NP...glad you got it working. If you want to mess around further, there are instructions near the end of the guide to fix batter meter for those with 1GB RAM...obviously upgrading to 2GB is a safer bet :)

  128. Thanks Regular Guy, I finally got the usb to boot

    I installed SL 10.6.3 on my internal drive, but now it hangs at the apple logo when I boot of the internal drive.

    Do I need to replace the mach_kernel again?

  129. Hey great guide

    I've run 10.6.3 for about 3 months - only issue I've ever had is that if I unplug AC my sounds for VLC or iTunes goes "fuzzy" - oddly if I hold a finger on the trackpad sound clears up - but only as long as I hold finger on trackpad? - Issue clears up completely if I return to AC power AND restart (but only if I restart - replugging to AC alone does nothing?)

    Has anyone had a similar issue??

    Other than that one minor issue the little ASUS runs 10.6.3 better than my 1st Gen MacBook Air!

  130. @Chili

    yes u need to replace the mach_kernel. boot off the USB to get in and then replace the kernel.

  131. @Colin did you install voodoo following this guide and completed all the updates? if you have

    -click on system preferences
    -look all the way to the bottom[your dock might be blocking it] where it says "Other" and you'll see an icon for VoodooHDA, click that
    -on the options on the left click "1:speak.." and change it to "2: Microphone (Fixed)"
    - Move the ball for the recording level ALL the way to the right.

    Test it out, it should work from there. You might have to do it every time you want to use it though since when I open my Voodoo HDA it defaults the recording level all the way to the left for some reason.

  132. @ssayson

    Testing will post some results soon.

  133. ok guys, I successfully updated to 10.6.6. The instruction is exactly the same as above (updating to 10.6.5). Basically install the update, before reboot, replace mach_Kernel, run pfix and then reboot. Good luck!

  134. where did you get the 10.6.6 atom kernel?

  135. @Dan

    I said follow the steps i posted in the main instructions, there is a link to download the kernel. It's the same patched kernel used to 10.6.4, 10.6.5...etc.

  136. If anyone finds the new patched atom kernel for 10.6.6 and the new sleepenabler.kext can you please post the links.

    thanks in advance

  137. I got a kernel panic after I updated to 10.6.6 I followed the 10.6.5 update instructions. I rebooted again with -v -x flag and the panic went away.

  138. I had used the instructions to install and upgrade to 10.6.4 and had no problem following the 10.6.5 update instructions with the 10.6.6 update and the 10.6.5 kernel.

  139. Thank you very much OP and Hi to everyone,

    I'm currently running 10.6.4 and everything works apart from my LAN Card and that Airport takes some time to find wireless networks. But nothing major.

    A quick question.. If i want to get to 10.6.6 can I upgrade to that from my current version or do I need to upgrade to 10.6.5 first?

    Is there a way to backup my data and pull it up on another Mac?

    Final Question.. I deleted my Emergency XP partition when I hacked the EeePc.. Are there any suggestions on how I can retrieve this or how to revert back to XP if need be?

    Thanks again for all your help.

  140. @Jack

    You can dual boot with Windows XP, Here is a guide here:

    Hope that helps you out

  141. Can I upgrade from 10.6.0 to 10.6.6? Or should I go to .4 to .5 to .6? Thanks

  142. @Jack - If you are on a 10.6.x version then you can go from that to 10.6.6. Use time machine to backup your data. As for the XP question, find the correct edition of XP and install it using the license you got with the netbook.

    @ssayson - Yes you can go directly to 10.6.6.

  143. When i upgraded to 10.6.6. it restarted automatically and now I can't access my desktop as I am stuck on the Grey screen with the apple logo on it.

    I tried to boot with the USB drive to access terminal but it won't allow me to run sudo -s.

    Am i doing something wrong? help! I don't want to have to redo everything :/

  144. @Ben - Ignore the sudo -s and just copy over the mach_kernel, it should let you do it. Once done, run pfix and then reboot.

  145. I'd like to sell my MacEEEpc.. How can I keep the install but delete all my personal details? Is there a security wipe?


  146. I found a solution for the USB not working after a 10.6.6 upgrade!!!

    An InsanelyMac posting sent me to the following address:

    I downloaded the installer package and installed it. I had some problems getting it to boot after rebooting. Once i typed legacy_kernel at boot it has booted fine since. Now I am using the correct 10.6.6 kernel and usb is working fine.


  147. Hi. This is a great guide but I've hit a brick wall.
    I'm installing Snow Leopard 10.6 on an Asus 1005p.

    Using the guide and comments to the letter, everything goes a point. However despite installing SL and installing the extras and kexts as advised, the netbook will not boot from the internal drive.

    It looks like it is, but the grey Mac logo with grey spinning wheel below, suddenly has what looks like a traffic 'no entry' sign on the mac logo.

    In sys preferences the internal drive is not offered as a start up disk. Only the 'network' and 'USB Mac OSx'. And despite three installs, only once did I manage to get the netbook to boot from it's own drive.

    I've repartitioned the HD, and reinstalled but to no avail.

    Any idea at all why the netbook will not boot properly ?
    Advice gratefully received.

  148. i ran the legacy kernel installer, but still can't get the USB working. any ideas?

  149. nevermind. got the USB working. not sure what i did...but after insalling the legacy kernel with failure, i re-installed the 10.6.6 combo update...replaced the atom kernel from here...and now all is good. weird.

  150. Here were my install instructions, I used an Apple iPod Video 60GB, used Disk Utility and restored the Snow Leopard Install DVD, then for some reason install would freeze up and iPod sync signal would no longer be going in circles on the iPod. I figured it was a problem due to the iPod, so, I made a new partition in my drive with disk utility, and restored the installation dvd from the iPod to the partition, and rebooted into it with NBI. Install was successful after that; ethernet would fail with every kext i tried. Wifi was very buggy, other than that, everything was good.

    However, I installed Windows 7 through a bootable USB, created a new partition with NTFS and installed. It overwrote my NetBookInstaller and would only boot windows.

    I no longer had access to a mac, so using win32imager, I copied a netbookinstaller image to a usb, NBI found all three partitions (OSX INSTALL, Snow Loepard, Windows 7) but both the DVD installer and snow leopard boot into kernel panics, regardless of booting with -v or -x.

    So, I'm stuck at a stand still with a 4 gig USB, 1 gig USB, and I don't have the iPod right now.

    The iso is on the 1005HAB desktop on windows 7, can I 'restore' the iso to a partition on my hard disk without disk utility? Is there a Windows program equivalent?

  151. For all the folks with an older 1005HAB, I had a real hard time getting past the grey screen after the Apple Logo and spinning wheel disappear.

    In order for me to fix this, I ran Meklort's Netbook Installer. The problem fixed the problematic video card via dsdt.

    See Andrea's Post on this link:

  152. Only thing not working now after I figured out the grey screen is that my sleep won't wake up...always need to reboot machine.

  153. Hi,

    Thank you for the great guide first of all.

    Hoping you can help me out, I'm trying to reinstall already for the 6th time. I am using a SN 10.6.3 DVD.

    I understand that I have to replace the kernel the way your update instructions stat after the first boot.
    I have two problems: First of all if I boot normally I get the gray apple log screen with the spinning wheel that freezes.
    I understand that this is a kernel panic, but I did the kernel replacement the way you specify.

    Second, after I replaced the kernel and did all the "First boot" steps, if I try to load using the USB drive, I can never boot of the drive without using "-v" but even when I do that I get a black screen with nothing but the mouse pointer.

    Please help!

  154. Hi there,
    I did your tutorial and all works fine.
    Today I installed Photoshop on my 1005HA and now WiFi doesn't work. Do you have any idea what I can do?
    The Airport Icon is already there, but it doesn't find any network.

  155. Zhenya, I'm using a 10.6.3 retail disk, and you do not have to replace the mach kernel, all should install fine.

    Also, Don't copy the DSDT file in extra, it's only not necessary and sometimes causes kernel panics

  156. @kyleAlcobas

    How did you get it to boot into the set up with 10.6.3 Disk. I can' even get my to boot to install
    I had to boot off of a netbookmaker installer flash drive, did the install, and then followed the instructions here.
    Using just the myHack Installer from this guide I could not load into the installation.
    Thank you

  157. Hey, great post, i was wondering, i have dual boot with iATKOS S3-V2, do you have any idea if i will loose my dual-booting capability?

    Thanks a lot

  158. @Zhenya

    myHack doesn't work for me either, I used the NBI flash drive, an iPod as the install disk.

    I installed it to my hard drive, then installed pfix only from myHack

    then, I ran NBI 084RC1, which for some reason still fails, so I'm stuck booting from the flash drive everytime, lucky I'm using an SDCARD instead, makes the laptop look sexy still lol

    So, once you get into the first boot, install the kexts with kext helper, and run pfix.

    That's all, I then set bios up to boot straight from the SDCARD everytime so NBI runs correctly.

    I did all this without using a mac, gotta love TransMac

    So Zhenya, since it isn't booting into OS X, launch NBI off the flash drive into it, it should work

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  160. This comment has been removed by the author.

  161. UPDATE: I changed my belkin router to from 802.11 b/n/g to just g, and now I can connect on the hackintosh, but not with my Proxim 802.11b usb adapter on my Windows XP machine.

    Any idea why OS X won't connect to the router when multiple wireless typess are enabled?

  162. Thanks for this fantastic and up-to-date guide. I start out with the Maceee guide, but fast saw it was out of date. Glad to find this updated one... saved me from buying a replacement Wifi adapter!!!!

    Can I run ALL updates from OS X Software Updates? (expluding OS updates, obviously). For instance, I see there is an Airport update, iLife system update, iTunes update, etc. Is it fine to install all of these?



  163. Actually... further hunting through the comments.. and I see I can run the updates except the Graphics Update.
    Might I suggest adding a note about this point to your instructions? (i.e. that updates are fine, except XYZ....)


  164. @kyleAlcobas
    Connecting to networks which support multiple wireless standards is not the problem per se, rather it's Wireless N. You should be able to connect to wireless b/g networks without problem.

  165. I figured this much, but my router was set to 802.11 - b, g, AND n

    but the HAB will not connect unless I set it to only g, which simply doesn't make sense.

    My old Proxim 802.11b adapter would connect fine on my XP machine, but now I'm forced to use g only, losing connection on the XP machine >.<

  166. I have a couple of questions:

    Out of curiosity, does replacing the one stick with a 2 gig RAM stick nearly double it's performance? How much better does it run?

    How much longer will my battery last with a 9 cell?

    How come my asushotkeys randomly won't work after some reboots, and sometimes only the brightness works and not the sound? Any ideas?

    Final question for now:
    After the computer turns back on from sleep, do I have to toggle the volume, and VoodoHDA prefs to maximize full volume/enable the mic? Any fixes?

  167. @kyleAlcobas

    I did the same thing as you booted into the set up from the NBI 084RC1, but everything else I did according to this guide step by step. No I don't need a flash card or anything else to load.
    I have everything working with 10.6.6
    One caveat for you though. Since just like me you're starting with a 10.6.3 install you DO NEED to replace the Kernel and you need to do it right after the first boot. Then reboot computer and then follow this guide as if your second boot, now with the replaced kernel, was your first.
    If you want to get up to 10.6.6 look for the sleepenabler.kext on install with kexthelper and run pfix.

  168. @Breno

    Can you please explain how to get bluetooth on/off working. You mentioned something about changing the product ID in pfix file. What is the product ID and how do you change it in pfix?

  169. Zhenya, I do not need to replace the mach_kernel, I've installed with 10.6.3 with everything working including battery meter with the 1 gig ram stick.

  170. I'm trying to dual boot with xp. When installing OSx using your guide, i created a 80gig fat32 partition. I installed windows xp on this partition and then, I can't boot with chameleon, it automatically boots on xp. I was planning on using EasyBCD, but it's not designed for windows XP, only for Vista or 7. I can't access my mac partition. I've also tried to reinstall windows xp first, and then mac osx, always with two 80gig partitions, and now I can't boot at all. It just says Error while loading operating system.

  171. @Anonymous, are you loading off NBI or myHack?

  172. i am having the same problem as kyle with the wifi. i can connect at home with no problems, but the 2 times i've actually taken my netbook on trips...i wasn't able to connect to the wifi offered. i am assuming it's because i have g enabled at home and these hotels didn't...but that kinda sucks. *shrugs*

    could i dual boot windows 7 to get that work? anyone have any other suggestions?

  173. You could dual boot, but I would just invest in a wifi usb adapter, I'm pretty sure that would solve that problem.

    But, dual booting, form what I've tried, is a pain in the ass, and I hope your ready to fuck your OS X install up lol

  174. How in the world did you get 10.6.6 to install??

    It always tell me the install failed when I upgrade, and then I get kernel panics on reboot and have to start from scratch again, whether i replace the mach kernel or not.

  175. I just don't get it. I used myHack once before while restoring the DVD with a mac to the USB disk. then running myHack on it had no problems.

    BUT using TransMac to format the disk with the OS X installation, installing OS X on the 1005HAB with NBI, and then installing myHack to the internal HD, will NOT work. It shouldn't make a differnce, and idk what to do. NBI also will not boot into the OS unless I use a USB with NBI084RC1 formatted onto it with TransMac.

    I can't update my OS to 10.6.6; it says install failed, I even tried it twice back to back. I get a kernel panic when I reboot whether I replacing the mach_kernel or not.

    Please god, before I throw my netbook out the window after reinstalling literally about 20 times, can ANYBODY help me out? I don't own a mac, I use TransMac for Windows to create my DVD installer USB.

    I'd love if anyone could help me out, nobody seems to be responding to these things anymore =/

  176. kyle....i have 10.6.6 running fine. it was kind of a beast to get the USB ports back working, but there are a couple posts up that might help.

    but you don't meed a USB installer for 10.6.6. just back up the couple ktexts mentioned, and run the mounted combo update from your desktop. replace the mach kernel again, run pfix, and you should be cool. least that's all i did.

  177. i am having the same issue ben had earlier. I installed the 10.6.6 from the auto update on accident. I am able to get to kernel from the terminal off my usb stick, but when i try to copy the kernel, it says that the file is not found or is read only.

    How do i specify that I want to be editing the correct patition.
    I tried cd /Volumes/Hackbook HD
    but it is not finding it.

    Suggestions? Thanks

  178. hi and thx for this nice tutorial.
    I am running 10.6.6 after 2 installs but I have still 1 question :
    How do I put it to DEEP sleep?
    In previous installations I was only able to use deep sleep but now it only goes to normal sleep.
    I would like to have both or if not possible at least deep sleep enabled.

  179. Yeah, I'm just stuck at 10.6.3 forever, never trying 10.6.6 again until there is a legit method to backing up my mac.

    Time Machine = fail
    SuperSuper! = fail
    Carbon Copy Transer = fail

  180. Can somebody please help me remove the MAC OS whilst installing XP.
    I haven't been able to get any USB boot to work without several errors. If you can help me, I'd be very grateful

  181. I just got triple boot (Win7,Ubu10.10, Mac10.6.6) to work using this method for the Mac OS X install after following this comment on lifehacker by PowerPatrick. I have a 1005HAB with the wNIC from a C2D MacBook Pro. This is a great guide to getting Mac on a Eee. Thanks!

  182. Wow...I haven't been on for awhile but there seems to be a bit of activities, glad to see some of you are having success. Anyhow, for those interested, I just updated my SL install to 10.6.7 without any issues. The steps are same as the instructions in my guide to update to 10.6.5.

    1. Download the 10.6.7 combo update.
    2. Make a backup of your mach_kernel to the desktop and rename it to mach_kernel_atom.
    3. Copy the following kext to your desktop as well.


    4. Run the 10.6.7 combo update, remember NOT TO REBOOT when the update complete, just leave the installer window alone and open terminal.
    5. Replace the mach_kernel with the copy you made to the desktop back in step 2.

    a. Open
    b. sudo -s
    c. Enter your root password
    d. cd /
    e. mv mach_kernel mach_kernel_1062
    f. cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel_atom /
    g. mv /mach_kernel_atom mach_kernel
    h. chown 0:0 mach_kernel

    5. Go back to the installer and reboot ad it should restart fine. Once rebooted you will notice that the graphic driver is reset and wifi is not working. You will need to reinstall them, so remember the kext you backup in step 3, use Kexthelper and install them again.
    6. After you re-installed those kext, run pfix.
    7. Restart. Everything should be back to normal and you'll be running 10.6.7.

    Good Luck

  183. @A Regular Guy in Canada: Hi Op,
    Please help me reinstall XP on my 1005HA.
    I am lost and hope you can help me out.
    I have followed your guide and currently run 10.6.4.
    I need to remove the OSX and return to the Windows XP install. My USB install attempts have failed with various error messages. I'd really appreciate your support in reverting back to XP.

    Kind regards.

  184. i can confirm 10.6.7 is running fine. just back up the kernel and those ktexts and follow the instructions above.

    no issues for me so far.

  185. Hi, I'm running 10.6.7 on a 1005HAB and I have a problem with the Wired LAN Card.
    I've installed AttansicL1eEthernet.kext on my EFI partition and the Wired Card is getting a MAC Address, i'm getting cable connect/disconnect feedback, It's not receiving a DHCP address, I'm putting a static IP and can only ping localhost For everything else i get ping timeout and no route to host...

    Everything else (wifi, audio, battery meter, graphics, sleep) works fine (except the volume hotkeys)

    This are my kext installed on the efi patition:

    AsusHotkeys.kext (does not work for me)
    IOAudioFamily.kext (audio dependecy)
    IOGraphicsFamily.kext (graphics depency)
    IOHIDFamily.kext (Asus hotkeys dependecy)
    IONDRVSupport.kext (graphics dependency)
    IONetworkingFamily.kext (network dependency)
    OSvKernDSPLib.kext (audio dependency)

  186. I second the request for a working method to enable safe sleep (deep sleep). As despite checking hibernate mode, which is 3 consequently, when battery is out of juice, the contents of ram are not saved to disk as they should be - anyone?

  187. I have almost all things working on my girlfriend’s 1005HAB with 10.6.8.

    Things that don’t work:

    Ethernet – I get disconnect/connect feedback but don’t get DHCP address assigned, with manual or default address can ping only localhost.
    I’m working on this if anyone has an insight on this please let me know.

    Things that are buggy:
    The volume buttons are not working after sleep anymore, I will look into this, I’m using spark in the meantime. If anyone has some ideas please share.

    Things you might need (I hope this helps someone):

    Here are the graphics kexts for 10.6.8 set to override the ones in S/L/E

    Here is the tea atom kernel I’m using (much more stable than nawcom legacy kernel):

    Here is my complete toolkit (EFI partition, fixes, tools, etc).

  188. Forgot to say that system is not resuming from sleep on lid open (it does go to sleep on lid close) you must press a key move the mouse, and that usb drives are not being gracefully unmounted on sleep.
    Any ideas apart from using sleepwatcher ?

  189. Regular guy in canada: thanks a lot man, installed osx (10.6.7., will try to update to 10.6.8 in next few days)on my eee couple of days ago, runs smoothly. thanks for sharing! didn't have other mac, so created restore disk in virtual box. works well...

    just wondering: have you tried google video/audio chat ? if so, did it work ? i didn't manage to make it work so far, thus it might be issue of google talk itself (compatibility issues with snow leopard mentioned on their support page).

  190. Yes google audio/video chat works, discovered though that MacAppStore does not work, it throws me an error: "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance."

  191. Ioan: thanks, will try once i will have it running again. :)

    i was trying to update to 10.6.8, though i used same kernel (nawcom legacy?) as for all the updates before. Didn't work. So guys, if you would wonder, kernel used for patch 10.6.5 is working ONLY up to the version 10.6.7.

    will try to find some solution, not really keen on reinstalling it all once again.if you would have any suggestions, please, let me know. :)

  192. Boris:

    Use my link above for the tea 10.6.8 atom kernel or use the Nawcom 10.6.8 legacy kernel. I prefer the Tea kernel because with the Nawcom kernel finder kept crashing every 2 minutes or so.

  193. I'm trying to get speed-step and sleep working on my 1005HAB, but it seems that I can get only one thing working at a time.
    I've edited my DSDT to enable sleep without SleepEnabler.kext, I can't use it if I want speedstep because it uses NullCpuPowermanagement kext which in turn disables vanilla powermanagement and I loose speedstep.

    So I've managed to get it to sleep but I loose speedstep and my fan is working at full speed.
    I've searched everywhere and I can't seem to find a proper DSDT for the 1005HAB. I've been trying all sorts of DSDT patches with no luck.
    If someone has speedstep and sleep working on this machine with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 please give me some insight on this!

  194. By the way here is the fixed DSDT for sleep without SleepEnabler:

    I've only moved the Processor part from PR to SB

  195. Fixed MacAppstore login for 1005HAB:

    1. Download UInstaller generate a Ethernet EFI String or OSXTools
    2. Edit your com.appleBoot.plist and add:

    Your Ethernet EFI String Goes HERE!!

    3. go to Network Preferences Pane and delete all interfaces

    4. go to Library/Preferences/System Configuration/
    delete preferences.plist, NetworkInterfaces.plist,,

    5. reboot

    6. Go to Network Prefernces Pane and add Wired Ethernet (Ethernet en0) FIRST, then add Airport interface.

    You should be able to log into MacAppstore now.

  196. Ioan Popovic: well, i tried kernel you recommended, no success. ended up reinstalling whole thing. on the bright side, i have back-up this time, so over the weekend i will give it another shot. :)

    are you intending to try os x Lion by any chance ? would be very interested if yes. :)

  197. What did go wrong?
    I'm waiting for the final release...

  198. Ioan: well, at first I just done the update to 10.6.8. simply with kernel used with previous updates. (

    Darwin 10.5.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.5.0: Fri Nov 5 23:20:39 PDT 2010; root:xnu-1504.9.17~1/RELEASE_I386 i386

    it didn't boot at all. only after the screwed update was completed, i simply replaced the kernel with one you recommended and 2 others as well and tried to boot using chameleon again. I was getting different errors (double kernel panic etc., didn't keep the logs :/ ) wasn't trying to troubleshoot it for too long, needed to have it working again asap, so just reinstalled whole thing again to 10.6.7. .

    I assume it is necessary to use your whole kit to upgrade to 10.6.8., as simple replacing "original" kernel with tea atom after upgrade didn't work, right ?

    To be honest, this is my 1st hackintosh attempt, so i am not too sure what i am doing, basically using trial/error approach, so I am sorry if my questions are totally irrelevant.